STATIONS is an epic operatic cycle of three new performance artworks for female voices tuned to the inherited injustice of womanhood. It is a personal, experimental ritual drawn from the life­stories of three women from successive generations. These lives are merged with Japanese noh conventions and the Way of the Cross Chronicle to create a durational event, with the final form lasting over 12 hours of continuous performance. STATIONS is an ceremonial, communal experience that will transform the performer and the audience as well as the space.

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The Story of Giovannala:

The Suffering of God's Great Gift

Written by Erik Ehn.

An Italian immigrant, devout to her role in the eyes of the church and her culture, loses her three boys to war. Her fourth child, a girl, is no substitute.

A pattern is willingly forged.


The Story of Marianne:

The Suffering of Traveling Star in a Strange Land

Written by Ryan Hill.

Defined by a spirit of resistance, a woman fights through society's expectations and limitations. Focused on battle, she repeats the mistakes of her mother.

A pattern is unwittingly reinforced.


The Story of Iodame:

The Suffering of Dark Happy Stone

Written by Katie Pearl.

A child, weary of the persistent injustices of womanhood, returns home to care for her mother. The struggle is mutual, but only one has the power to forgive. 

A pattern is lovingly broken.

Images from the initial presentation at the Fury Factory Festival of Ensemble Theatre, 2018.