ryan hill

A prolific playwright, director, teacher, mask-maker and story teller with over 20 years of collaborative performance experience.

He's the Founding Artistic Director (2004 to 2013) of Sandbox Theatre in Minneapolis. A Fulbright Scholar (1997-1998) in Berlin, Germany, working with experimental theater companies. Published work includes The Ferry, a 2004 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Play Festival winning play. Alumnus of Robert Wilson’s Watermill program in Long Island. Performed in the U.S. premiere of the Wilson/Tom Waits musical version of Woyzeck at Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2002.

Has taught ensemble creation and mask performance to colleges and high schools around Minneapolis and the Bay Area. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET).

Born and raised in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, now lives in Oakland, CA with his husband and pastry chef of Oak&Fig Baking Andrew Lawrence Schiff.

Lluis Valls 

A cross discipline movement theatre and objects artist.

Lluis was co-Artistic Director of Theatre of Yugen (2001 – 2009), co-founder of Clowns on a Stick and a founding member of Theatre Nohgaku. He has toured through Europe, Asia and all through the US.

Originally from Barcelona, but raised in New Jersey, he grew up in Miami and now raises chickens at Ocean Beach in San Francisco with his wife, Sue Lopez.

Amy Cranch

Amy has trained and performed for decades in various forms of dance, as well as physical, spectacle, improvised, and devised theater. In Chicago, she was a long-time performer and teen mentor with Redmoon, known for its large-scale spectacle works, and a lead vocalist with Devi 2000, Chicago’s premier devotional chanting band. Since moving to Berkeley in 2005, Amy has been studying with the legendary dancer/choreographer Anna Halprin and is a founding member of Halprin’s performance studies lab. She also performed autobiographical storytelling with Nina Wise; co-created Emlyn’s Guiney’s WINDQUAKEWAVE for the HATCH Festival of Devised Performance; and has performed in three UC Berkeley Dance Projects under Ann Carlson, Amara Tabor-Smith, and Krista DeNio. Amy has worked in nonprofit fundraising and communications for over 20 years and is a principal editor at UC Berkeley.

Michele Menard

Michele is an interdisciplinary teaching and working artist with education and experience in Directing, Physical Theatre, Clowning, Puppetry/Masks and is a mixed media Visual Artist.  She currently teaches drama to youth and has an artist residency with Sf Schoolhouse leading puppetry workshops and devising original puppet shows.


Fenner is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in devised and ensemble theater. From Butoh to Buoffon to your father, Fenner enjoys being a versatile and enthusiastic performer. Catch them next as a bevy of underworld characters in the 3Girls Innovator Series with Liar Liar Theater's Two Coins for the Ferryman.

Simone Bloch

Simone is a French-American performer who has danced/acted in numerous shows in the Bay Area and beyond since 2001. In France and beyond, she has worked in various experimental dance and theater companies. She is also a mother, a certified Somatic Movement Educator and teaches French and German. She is thrilled to play with marzipanik.

Annikah Peabody

Annikah spends most of her days with trees as a landscaper. She is a dabbler in dance, music, and sculpture as well as a hairdresser and costumer designer. She is excited to be branching out as a performer with marzipanik.

Jubilith Moore

Jubilith Moore is a performer, director, teaching artist and producer who has devoted her professional life to exploring the ongoing life of traditional Japanese and contemporary American theatre.

Nicole Gluckstern

Nicole has been involved in the performing arts since childhood and has illuminated many of SF’s premiere black box theatres since 2000, most notably EXIT Theatre, where she’s a staff technician and publicist. She’s thrilled to be a part of FURY Factory as marzipanik’s stage tech and lightboard whisperer.